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National Women’s Health Week May 8th-14th, 2011

 I am so excited to present that this week is … 

National Women’s Health Week.


It is so incredibly exciting to look back on our heritage as women and to see where we are now, especially when considering our health. Think back to our grandmother’s and great grandmother’s, they were strong women and rarely discovered they were ill, until it was too late. Unfortunately, some of those traits carry over into our generations today too, although through educating our communities this has improved immensely.

There were times when a woman would go to the doctor with complaints of pain in the chest, jaw or left arm and they were diagnosed with “anxiety” and sent home on an anti-anxiety medication. When in all actuality they were displaying symptoms of a heart condition. It became a time when the health profession began seeing the statistics rising in women and heart disease, the ladies were winning the race to St.Peter’s gates, it was at that time various organizations made a stand in the U.S. and initiated prevention campaigns regarding heart disease. They began educating women on early detection of heart disease and stroke.

You may wonder… Why did this shift take place between men and women and what caused the rising risk of heart disease and stroke?  Women’s rights movements began back in the 1840’s and have continued on ever since.  It is assumed that women did not start working outside the home until the mid to late 1960’s. Which really was not that long ago. The spark was lit.

I have spent many hours listening to women of all ages, as I sat at their bedside, while they were in the hospital. I worked in Cardiovascular medicine for years. Just about at that time the “Go Red” campaigns were being launched. Women were dying from heart disease and stroke, and being mis-diagnosed. I can not tell you how many times women would tell me that they would have never guessed their pain or symptoms were related to their heart.  We women can also downplay our symptoms at times too. We can not have something wrong with us. Everybody knows when Mom is down everyone in the house is down.  This was an amazing time to be in the nursing field. It was a true privilege to assist in making an impact in women’s lives as they came into my life during this time.

When someone would mention the words “heart attack” most people would think of a man. The stereotype was that a man was the one in the home that carried the stress, therefore men died from heart attacks. As women began seeking advanced corporate positions in the work force, in addition to maintaining their family responsibilities, the stress levels and wear and tear on their bodies spiked. Women are multitasker’s and at times feel they need to be a “superwoman”. These “superwoman” traits take over and we forget about the fragile and tender responsibility we have to take care of ourselves.

President Obama has made it official that this week in May after Mother’s Day is National Women’s Health Week. 

President Obama making National Women’s Health Week official… Read here!

Let’s join together and make an impact in all of the women lives that we know. Take a stand in your community and encourage women to take care of themselves, get the yearly tests you need, implement prevention, lose weight, quit smoking, decrease alcohol intake, reduce your stress, exercise, laugh, have fun, and know that you are unique and a chosen gem in God’s eyes. You are His daughter!

Pass these resources on to everyone you know and bless them today. Save a life!

Go Red For Women… Click Here!


 Stand with Moms On The Mend and let’s change lives together!


Survival Mode


I guess it is time to get right down to the details.  Moms On The Mend is everything that the Lord places on my heart to reach yours.  This was not my idea, nor did I think I was ready for what the Lord has been doing. The realism is that His timing and His interpretation of our readiness is different from what we could ever imagine.  He has an amazing and divine plan for our lives.  The Lord is working in my life, as He is working in yours. I am so grateful and so excited to be aware and a part of this great journey. I pray for all of you daily and know that we have not met by accident or coincidence, but only by divine intervention.

If you are familiar with Moms On The Mend you may have read the Meet Stacy on our website.  In my introduction I discuss how I lived in “Survival Mode” for many years.  Interestingly, somehow our minds, bodies and souls just know how to disappear to a place where we think we feel safe. It is our auto pilot when things get tough or just plain crazy.  Depending on how long you have been in auto pilot survival mode, while also considering what has been your survival skill of choice, will determine how challenging your journey to “Mending” will be.

I am asking you today; Are you in survival mode and can you identify what your survival mode is?  Is it that you pile your life with everyone elses needs and forget your own, is it work, denial, alcohol, smoking, street drugs, obsessive shopping, obsessive cleaning, blaming, gossiping, or do you apply layers and layers of superficial materialism to hide your deepest secret. When you disappear into survival mode it can be a place where you think you may not be hurting yourself but ultimately it is a place where every one of your actions ripples out to every area of your life. You are in bondage to what ever happened to you in the first place that has you hiding in a life that blankets who you are and who God wants you to be.  He wants you to experience a future of “Fearless Freedom”.

You may think everything is just perfect in your life. You have a successful career, a great spouse, wonderful children, a beautiful home, you may be a believer or not, but life is good. On the other hand maybe everything has fallen apart and you are at ground zero or as they say rock bottom.  There is hope for you! Let me ask you this… what drives you to success or to failure? Someone once told me if you are doing something and you get the same outcome over and over again that is not favorable, do something different. Think about it. Is it your survival mode that drives your decisions that ultimately effect the outcome?

It is the identification and acceptance of the cycles in our lives that determine your future and your healing process.  If this is touching your heart in any way, be honest with yourself as to why you have disappeared into your survival mode. You can be delivered! I know a very wise man who has the victory of sobriety for over 30 years and he has told me that ” I did not quit, I surrendered”. 

The Lords word states…

Mathew 16: 24-27  Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done.

Click here to listen…. Deliver Me 

1 John 5:4-5

For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the son of God.

Moms On The Mend has a vision to assist people all over the world to overcome and discover the true blessing and freedom in your salvation. Have a blessed day!

Finding Your Bliss!


Great post Anita Renfroe!

Finding your BLISS is a hunger in the new economy.  So many individuals throughout the world have financial distress relating to economic changes.  These changes that may seem great for one person may remove the quality of life for another person.  Our world is in an ever-changing process of ups and downs.   I am a Registered Nurse and believe it or not with all of the nursing jobs in the paper the economy has affected our industry too.  It is time as Anita stated to “Follow Your Bliss”… be creative with the gifts God has given you.

Last spring we went on a road trip.  Love road trips!!  What a great way to find a little revival in your soul and to get out there and see what’s going on in the world around you.  We all get comfortable at times and forget God has created a BIG BIG world out there.  Great sights, great people, history, great foods and diversified culture.   All of these amazing creations refresh your insight, hindsight and overall vision.  

This road trip changed my life.  Working paycheck to paycheck, having dreams of great things to pursue, limited resources to pursue those dreams and frustrated with time spent to enhance a large corporate world who does not even know that I exist.  Working for a living to retire in an economy that may not have the means to provide that retirement by that time.  All of these very important details circulated through my mind.  My biggest struggle was that I knew and know that God has given me gifts to prosper.  My own BLISS!  These desires  bubbled inside me like a HOT tub with bubble bath.  Any one who has been silly enough to add bubbles to a whirlpool hot tub knows what I am talking about.  This desire is a renounced bottled up joy that you feel inside and you are waiting for the lid to pop off so you can soar.  Just like seeing the box under the Christmas tree that you know you got what you asked for although at the same time you are not sure.  So the intense anticipation drives you crazy.  Ok… I do not want to get too carried away.

God does this!!!  He creates a desire of an overwhelming something in the core of your being.  You know it is something great and you just need to know how to release it and run with it.  This is what happened to me.  At first I was afraid and I was stuck in the excuse that failure is a possibility.  God says “All things are possible with GOD!”.  If He brings you to it He will bring you through it!  He also states in Jeremiah 29:11 I know the plans I have for you; to prosper you and not to harm you; to give you a hope and a future! 

How bold does God have to be to get through our thick heads that He loves us and wants us to live and prosper in the great gifts He has blessed each of our lives with?   The purpose He developed for each of us to fulfill.  How long are you going to him and haw before you leap into your BLISS in faith that God will direct your path as long as you are seeking His direction?  Yes, change is never perfect and easy.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have in this lifetime to; as Anita Renfroe states “Follow Your Bliss”;  run with my Bliss!  You can too!

For those of you who are discovering the Lords transformation in your life for the first time; Have you invited Him into your life and accepted His beautiful invitation to get intimate and personal with you?  Please let Him in.  He loves you and forgives all of your past failures and mistakes.   It is amazing how He forgives us before we forgive ourselves.  Discover your purpose and run with it! 

Mathew 16:24 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his his life for me will find it.

 Have an amazing and blessed day!  

Stacy Rae  



In Moments We Least Expect

Just when you least expect it your plans change.  Now… when I say your plans change, I did not say you anticipated or purposely changed your plans. I am talking about those moments where some of us may think our day has been ruined. For example… today I decided to wash the kitchen rug and hang it out on the line, finish the laundry, write a new blog article, dust, vacuum and bake for a benefit that we will be attending this evening. Ha ha ha… the joke is on me.

I had my own agenda and the agenda had me. I accomplished one of the items on my list.  The rug was washed and as I hung it on the line my whole day now had new meaning. Prior to me hanging the rug out on the line I had applied my thick white  beautification mask to my face. Ya know… I have a benefit to go to tonight and I thought I would prepare my skin for a night out. I also was still in my pajama’s and thank goodness I decided to slip my sweats on over top.  So, mask plastered on, dressed in sweats/jammies and Oh… I do not want to forget my knee-high camo colored rubber swamp runner boots because I live in the mud lands of Minnesota. I then ventured out with the rug in hand.

Bentlee Barns and I squished through the mud to the clothes line.  Bentlee is my Boxer. He is six years old and is very well-behaved.  We had decided to leave Zoei, my mixed up sweet energetic ball of fire pup, in the house. I successfully got the heavy sopping wet rug up on the line without dropping it in the mud and worked my way back to the house.

Hm? To my surprise as I approached the front door it was locked. I peered closely through the window to find my sweet mixed up energetic pup staring back at me through the glass window of the locked door. Oh my, I realized she had jumped up on the door and turned the dead bolt.  The old self would have thrown a temper tantrum right there in the yard. I surprised myself as I began to hysterically laugh out loud as I tried to teach my sweet Zoei to unlock the door. This did not work.

It was then I realized I could open the garage door with the opener in the car. I approached the car and saw this person staring back at me with a face full of goopy white stuff. Augh! The car was locked. The predicament has now worsened.  I am in the country with no cell phone in hand and locked out of the house in my jammies wearing swamp runner boots with white goop smeared all over my face.

It was then I heard a table saw in the distance. Wonderful! The lake folks were up a few properties down from us.  I instantly remembered I am in my jammies and I have white goopy stuff all over my face. Of course the hose and water spicket were off.  It is now a moment of priority so I have considered as to how I will approach the neighbor and not scare him in the meantime.

The neighbor had his back to me and he was sawing away on his noisy table saw. I stood there hoping he did not turn around before I could announce that I was standing there for fear I would scare him to death. Then the opportunity was at hand.  The saw slowly came to silence and he turned around. The moment he laid eyes on me I quickly stated “Hi Mike… its me Stacy and I know I have white stuff on my face and the dog has locked me out of the house”. He stared at me as though I had spoken so fast he had to process what he was seeing with the words that had come out of my mouth. After the moment of dead silence he roared out laughing.  Mind you this is only our second meeting. He was very kind and offered me his cell phone and a bowl of water to wash my face.

You would think that the end of this story consisted of someone coming to my rescue with a key.  To my surprise and the neighbors after multiple phone calls and two hours of waiting I attempted the door knob once again. I peered through the glass and the Zoei peered back at me and the door opened.  I think she is smarter than what we give her credit for.

In moments we least expect… if you open your eyes… God shows up 🙂

Make it a great day!

Stacy Rae

Be Aware!

I saw this on 60 Minutes last night and I think everyone should be aware of this.  Unfortunately cheaper is not always better. This is just one more strong point in taking care of yourself to prevent illness and disease.

Things you can do to prevent and make an impact …

  • Ask Questions! No question is a stupid question when it comes to your health care.
  • Be cautious of a great deal on the internet. Know what you are getting.
  • Ask your pharmacy where they get their medications and if they have verified the authenticity of their medications.
  • When  you start a new refill report signs and symptoms of adverse reactions or decreased efficacy early to your doctor.
  • Do not be afraid to ask the pharmacy “why”  if the color or shape of your pill has changed.
  • Report your finding to your doctor and pharmacy right away. You could save the next person from a terrible and unnecessary adverse event.

YOU are your BEST advocate!!!

 The Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs Watch HERE!

Vibrant Color

It is I who made the earth and created mankind upon it” (Isaiah 45:12 NIV).

Discovering our Lord’s amazing creation is right in front of us every second of every day.  I find it very difficult yet it saddens me to encounter an individual who can not see it at all.  The four seasons are just one minute creation that displays the Lord’s creativity.


I live in Northern Minnesota and the winter’s here are long.  I realized how the lack of color in the environment actually effects my day.  As we travel through all of the seasons throughout the year and the daily gifts of color they display it is amazing how we respond.   In the Spring there is a sense of renewal, in the Summer a sense of fun, in the Fall a sense of reflection and in the winter a sense of togetherness.

The Lord works this way in our lives too.  We go through seasons.  He provides seasons of renewal, fun, reflection and togetherness.  He also challenges us with seasons of pain, discovery, transformation and just out right change.

Referring back to the initial scripture noted…

” It is I who made the earth and created mankind upon it.”  (Isaiah 45:12)

Take the time today to reflect on all of the “Vibrant Color” that the Lord has placed in your life.  How has He assisted you to grow through the seasons?

Our Lord does not waste a day and nothing in your life is a waste.  It is God creatively placing “Vibrant Color” in your day!!

Wishing you a blessed day!

Stacy Rae

Welcome to Moms On The Mend blog!

Welcome to Moms On The Mend Blog!

This is an addition to our Moms On The Mend website. Here you will find information on Spiritual & Physical Health & Wellness.  This is a place to share and to learn.  This is really exciting because you and I both know we would like to make  the best out of our lives and in order to live optimally we need to feel great!

I am so honored you are here and I pray that you find what you are looking for.  Please feel free to interact here and enjoy the journey as you  reach your goals of  living life OPTIMALLY!

Your best investment EVER is your  health!

Cheers to all of our success… we are in this together!

Stacy Rae RN BSN

Founder of…

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