~The Winter Blah~

by MomsOnTheMend

~The Winter Blah~

An awesome friend of mine, who is a massage therapist, states “tap your feet or jump up and down” to get your energy flowing. This works! Maybe you are sitting in your office or driving in the car and you are on your last string of energy. Start tapping.

This works, so here is what she told me to do.

1. Start tapping your feet if you can not jump up and down. Jump up and down if that is your preference and you are on solid ground.

2. Identify the emotion / feeling that you are experiencing right now.

3. Speak to your self about it.

4. Focus on your center. Your center is your body core where you feel changes in your emotion.

5. Do all of this and keep tapping or jumping.

All said and done you will feel a sence of renewed energy.

~Stacy Rae~