20 Below and Frozen

by MomsOnTheMend

This is no exaggeration!  Brrr! The Dogs do not even want to go outside this morning. Our Boxer is so smart that he stands 10 feet from the door, puts his nose to the floor, takes a few sniffs and then looks at me like I am crazy to expect he needs to do business outside. Hey… I was not in charge of these rules. This dog is so smart that I am surprised that he has not invented his own indoor business operation. That was acceptable of course…

Its 20 below outside and I need to focus on unfreezing the passion that is bubbling inside me to reach more readers. What a perfect morning to test my discipline and dedication to the mission and vision of MOTM. Honestly, my body tells me different. The mind tells me get er’ done and the body says BUNDLE UP friend.

The Lord will send you through a series of growth challenges when you are following his direction. Sometimes we interpret these challenges wrong or we may think “This can’t be… this hurts … things appear to be falling apart.” Hm? Guess what … I introduce you to the “Growth Challenge”. This is when the Lord puts you directly into the things that make you uncomfortable to challenge your growth.

I have been through many. One recently that I have experienced and I might boast an itsy little bit, I am mastering, is completing the task. Know anyone who starts something and does not finish it? I do. Its me. It is comical how the Lord works. He does not always throw the painful hard stuff at you. He sometimes throws a little humor into the mix. He has me knitting scarfs. Oh boy… I just lost all of you men readers. No, really stick around. I have a point.  As my passions grow toward my goals God knows the unfinished project is something that could really ruin this opportunity. Because I love humor and a good laugh. He has me knitting scarfs.

These are the key points I have learned…

1. Reasonable Goal– Small project that can be completed in a short period of time.

2. Reaching the Goal– The repetitive action to stitch the scarf represents success by repeating what works over and over again to reach the goal.

3. Reward of Completion – The finished project is rewarding and people love them.

I have knitted 10 scarfs over the last two weeks and a fire has been ignited. I am not going into the scarf business by any means. This has shown me the hands on concept to reach the goal of “complete what you start”. It clicked!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I am now wearing my Moms On The Mend scarfs and they represent the “Growth Challenge”. Hey … how perfect for a 20 Below and Frozen day!

Many Scarfs

~Come Back for more is to come on Moms On The Mend’s “Growth Challenge”.~

Make it an awesome day & thank you for reading!

Stacy Rae