23 Days Til Christmas

by MomsOnTheMend

Great Gift Idea!!

Looking for a  unique gift that is handmade…  in Minnesota, to cozy up with during the cold days of winter…

 Guys… tired of your sweetie putting her cold feet on you?

  Get her a Cherry Pit Bag! She will love it… warm it up and snuggle it under the covers around your feet… No more cold feet :)

This is the gift for you!

I have just purchased one of these for myself & my whole family. I love it!

Check out these unique gifts…. Cherry Pit Bags!

Forget the Heating Pad!

These hand-made bags filled with natural cherry pits will warm you up and cool you down.

My dear friend Elissa Bryan hand makes these with a sweet spiritual touch.

  • Each bag is hand-made with a soft flannel material in various color schemes

  • Machine washable

  • Heat in Microwave for 2-3 minutes for a moist heat or place in the freezer for a cold pack

  • Great for everyone in the family, kids love them, take them to the sofa, to bed, put them on your aches & pains, or just warm them up & get cozy!

Hand made in Minnesota… surprise a friend or a family member with this wonderful gift.

$17.50 for one

Get 2 for $30.00

~plus shipping and handling~

To order email Stacy@MomsOnTheMend.Com

Hurry and get your order in so we can get them to you before Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from Minnesota!