In Your Shoes

by MomsOnTheMend

Are you in a place where you can say… “I am comfortable in my shoes” ?

If you are not in this place than I pray right now for you to know that the Lord has a plan for you to be in such a place. I better explain what I am talking about. I am talking about you having the ability to understand why you tick the way you tick, knowing when it is time to change and what to change, and understanding that God has a plan and a calling on our lives. I am not saying to become complacent and lazy comfortable. We are talking about a place of secure confidence, with the ability to be humble so God can use you to impact the world.

Where is God asking you to be obedient right now in your life. Are you? or Are you dragging your feet? The Lord is asking you to come to the line. I think one of the most challenging parts of being obedient is ourself. All of the things we question and doubt that get into the way of  taking that stand in obedience and seeing what is on the other side. If you are anything like me… I have always needed to know what was on the other side of the door before I would walk through it. I lived in fear… fear of everything. It reflected the kinds of decisions I made and the things I allowed into my life because I would fear to take a stand.  I feared what would happen if I took a stand… I feared if I could handle the repercussions of taking a stand. I am living proof that you can get past the fear and find comfort in your shoes. It took an amazing leap of faith and God has been forever faithful. He has not left my side for a second… although I did leave His a few times. Funny, how when my brain was straying off to the right or left I would blame Him for not being there. Hm?  Thank goodness He has such an amazing sense of humor and He knows each of His kids so well. There are no doubts in my mind He took over when I couldn’t do it or thought I couldn’t do it. 

Acts 1:8

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Do you see what He is telling us here? Jesus is telling us here that we are promised, that we would receive the Holy Spirit and that we would receive power. Power, I said. Whoa… if you take this like I did, I said “Oh No, not me”. For some reason the word power did not give me a swirly good feeling in my innards. Power seemed like a bad thing, a controlling thing! This is where I am talking about being comfortable in your shoes. Understanding yourself, how you got to where you are, being honest with yourself and finding understanding why things like the word power impact how you receive your calling.

One of the beautiful results of being in such a place is that you can be ok with the fact that laughing at your self is ok. I recently ventured into locking my self in the back of our GMC Envoy. You are definitely wondering or trying to picture how I could do such a thing, right? Well, I began by crawling into the back of the vehicle to put up the dog cage between the last seat and the hatch area. Of course good old Bently Barns the boxer wanted to join me, although there just was not enough room for the both of us. So… I closed the hatch behind me, secured the gate behind the back seat, then turned to open the hatch to get out. Hm? There is no handle on the inside of the hatch door. It was real helpful to have the tinted windows in the back so no one could see me too, except the dogs standing outside the door staring at me and waiting for their nightly car ride to look for deer. Oh my…  Anyway, my sweet boys were playing baseball in the yard and they heard me banging on the window and they let me out as they roared with laughter.

The point of this story is that… I could have taken down the gate and started all over again. That outcome would not have given my sons a refreshing laugh. Now, they take great joy in telling the story of how mom locked herself in the back of the car.

Finding comfort in who you are includes the good, the bad and the indifferent. You can look at the heart of your life and let it unfold into the story that will leave the legacy of your calling for many years and generations to come. So, I ask you again… Are you comfortable in your shoes?

God Bless You & the legacy of your calling!