In Moments We Least Expect

by MomsOnTheMend

Just when you least expect it your plans change.  Now… when I say your plans change, I did not say you anticipated or purposely changed your plans. I am talking about those moments where some of us may think our day has been ruined. For example… today I decided to wash the kitchen rug and hang it out on the line, finish the laundry, write a new blog article, dust, vacuum and bake for a benefit that we will be attending this evening. Ha ha ha… the joke is on me.

I had my own agenda and the agenda had me. I accomplished one of the items on my list.  The rug was washed and as I hung it on the line my whole day now had new meaning. Prior to me hanging the rug out on the line I had applied my thick white  beautification mask to my face. Ya know… I have a benefit to go to tonight and I thought I would prepare my skin for a night out. I also was still in my pajama’s and thank goodness I decided to slip my sweats on over top.  So, mask plastered on, dressed in sweats/jammies and Oh… I do not want to forget my knee-high camo colored rubber swamp runner boots because I live in the mud lands of Minnesota. I then ventured out with the rug in hand.

Bentlee Barns and I squished through the mud to the clothes line.  Bentlee is my Boxer. He is six years old and is very well-behaved.  We had decided to leave Zoei, my mixed up sweet energetic ball of fire pup, in the house. I successfully got the heavy sopping wet rug up on the line without dropping it in the mud and worked my way back to the house.

Hm? To my surprise as I approached the front door it was locked. I peered closely through the window to find my sweet mixed up energetic pup staring back at me through the glass window of the locked door. Oh my, I realized she had jumped up on the door and turned the dead bolt.  The old self would have thrown a temper tantrum right there in the yard. I surprised myself as I began to hysterically laugh out loud as I tried to teach my sweet Zoei to unlock the door. This did not work.

It was then I realized I could open the garage door with the opener in the car. I approached the car and saw this person staring back at me with a face full of goopy white stuff. Augh! The car was locked. The predicament has now worsened.  I am in the country with no cell phone in hand and locked out of the house in my jammies wearing swamp runner boots with white goop smeared all over my face.

It was then I heard a table saw in the distance. Wonderful! The lake folks were up a few properties down from us.  I instantly remembered I am in my jammies and I have white goopy stuff all over my face. Of course the hose and water spicket were off.  It is now a moment of priority so I have considered as to how I will approach the neighbor and not scare him in the meantime.

The neighbor had his back to me and he was sawing away on his noisy table saw. I stood there hoping he did not turn around before I could announce that I was standing there for fear I would scare him to death. Then the opportunity was at hand.  The saw slowly came to silence and he turned around. The moment he laid eyes on me I quickly stated “Hi Mike… its me Stacy and I know I have white stuff on my face and the dog has locked me out of the house”. He stared at me as though I had spoken so fast he had to process what he was seeing with the words that had come out of my mouth. After the moment of dead silence he roared out laughing.  Mind you this is only our second meeting. He was very kind and offered me his cell phone and a bowl of water to wash my face.

You would think that the end of this story consisted of someone coming to my rescue with a key.  To my surprise and the neighbors after multiple phone calls and two hours of waiting I attempted the door knob once again. I peered through the glass and the Zoei peered back at me and the door opened.  I think she is smarter than what we give her credit for.

In moments we least expect… if you open your eyes… God shows up 🙂

Make it a great day!

Stacy Rae