Be Aware!

by MomsOnTheMend

I saw this on 60 Minutes last night and I think everyone should be aware of this.  Unfortunately cheaper is not always better. This is just one more strong point in taking care of yourself to prevent illness and disease.

Things you can do to prevent and make an impact …

  • Ask Questions! No question is a stupid question when it comes to your health care.
  • Be cautious of a great deal on the internet. Know what you are getting.
  • Ask your pharmacy where they get their medications and if they have verified the authenticity of their medications.
  • When  you start a new refill report signs and symptoms of adverse reactions or decreased efficacy early to your doctor.
  • Do not be afraid to ask the pharmacy “why”  if the color or shape of your pill has changed.
  • Report your finding to your doctor and pharmacy right away. You could save the next person from a terrible and unnecessary adverse event.

YOU are your BEST advocate!!!

 The Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs Watch HERE!